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In today's fast-paced businesses, enabling seamless remote working has become a top priority for organisations. At Swift Digita, we specialize in delivering comprehensive solutions that empower your workforce to work remotely with ease and efficiency. Our remote working services encompass various components, including on-premise systems, cloud systems, and hybrid systems. Additionally, we offer advanced features such as VoIP telephony and cloud applications to enhance your remote working experience. Let's explore how our tailored solutions can transform your remote working capabilities.

On-Premise Systems

Secure client VPN Facilities

Our secure client VPN facilities provide remote workers with a private and encrypted connection to access your on-premise systems securely. This ensures that sensitive data transmitted between remote workers and your on-premise infrastructure remains protected from unauthorised access or interception.

Remote Desktop Services

With our remote desktop services, your employees can access their on-premise workstations and applications from any location. This capability allows them to maintain productivity and collaborate seamlessly with colleagues, accessing critical resources securely.

Cloud Systems

Hosted Desktops

Our cloud-based hosted desktops provide a flexible and scalable solution for remote working. By migrating your desktop environment to the cloud, your employees can access their complete desktop, applications, and files from any device with an internet connection. This eliminates the need for on-premise hardware and enables a consistent user experience across multiple devices.

Cloud Collaboration Tools

Leveraging cloud-based collaboration tools, we enable seamless communication and collaboration among remote teams. These tools include document sharing platforms, real-time communication channels, project management applications, and more. They facilitate virtual meetings, file sharing, task tracking, and team communication, ensuring efficient collaboration and productivity regardless of physical location.

VoIP Telephony

Cloud-based VoIP Solutions:

We offer cloud-based VoIP telephony services that enable your remote workers to make and receive calls using their internet connection. Our VoIP solutions provide advanced features such as call forwarding, voicemail, call routing, and more, ensuring uninterrupted communication with clients, colleagues, and stakeholders.

Unified Communications:

Integrating VoIP telephony with other communication channels, such as instant messaging and video conferencing, creates a unified communications platform. This integration enhances collaboration, streamlines communication, and facilitates remote team interactions, ultimately improving productivity and efficiency.

Cloud Applications

Cloud-based Business Applications

We leverage cloud applications to streamline your remote working operations. These applications include cloud-based email services, document management systems, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, project management platforms, and more. By migrating your applications to the cloud, your remote workforce can access critical business tools securely and efficiently from any location.

Scalability and Flexibility

Cloud applications offer the advantage of scalability, allowing you to adjust resources and licenses based on your remote working needs. This flexibility ensures that you can easily accommodate changing workforce sizes, seasonal fluctuations, or business expansions without worrying about hardware limitations or infrastructure constraints.

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Why choose Swift Digital to design to mobilise your business allowing staff to securely work remotely

  • Expertise and Experience: With our extensive expertise and experience, we deliver comprehensive remote working solutions tailored to your unique business requirements. Our team stays up-to-date with the latest technologies and best practices, ensuring that we provide cutting-edge solutions to maximize your remote workforce's productivity and efficiency.
  • Customised Approach: We understand that every organization has specific needs and infrastructure. Our remote working solutions are customised to address your unique challenges, seamlessly integrating with your existing systems and workflows. We work closely with you to design and implement a solution that aligns with your business goals and empowers your remote workforce.
  • Data Security an Compliance: We prioritize data security and compliance in our remote working solutions. Our experts implement robust security measures, including encrypted connections, access controls, and multi-factor authentication, to protect your data and ensure compliance with industry regulations.
  • Ongoing Support: We provide ongoing support, maintenance, and monitoring for your remote working environment. Our team is available to address any concerns, perform regular updates, and conduct periodic security assessments to ensure the continued effectiveness and security of your remote working solutions.

At Swift Digital, we enable seamless remote working by combining advanced features such as VoIP telephony and cloud applications with our comprehensive solutions. Whether you require on-premise systems, cloud systems, or a hybrid approach, our expert team designs and implements tailored solutions to meet your remote working needs. With secure client VPN facilities, remote desktop services, hosted desktops, VoIP telephony, and cloud applications, we ensure that your remote workforce has the tools and infrastructure necessary for success. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how our remote working solutions can transform your business operations and empower your remote workforce.

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